Planning Your Senior Year

Why Senior Photography is so Important

Planning your senior year photography is something that we should start in the spring of your junior year. The goal is, by the time you graduate, to have enough images to really tell your senior story. I will then create an artfully curated photo book for you to cherish forever. We will keep that end goal in mind when while we carefully plan and layout each session we have.

Here are the sessions I recommend for your senior year:

  • Summer Mini
  • Fall Senior Session
  • College Pick/Next Chapter Mini
  • Spring Cap & Gown
  • Prom

Summer Before Mini

I recommend starting with a mini session in the summer. This is usually in a sunflower field or grassy meadow, but could also be downtown too! We can include your pet, your truck or a hobby you enjoy. The primary focus of this session is to get to know each other, and get a few pre-senior year images for your social media and see if you would like to become a JB Senior Ambassador.

The Senior Session

We will then plan on having a full senior session in the fall. This is a full two hour session. I recommend multiple outfit changes and at least two locations. We will incorporate your hobbies, interests and really display you! The images that come from this session are usually the ones my seniors use on graduation announcements, yard signs and any other fun senior print materials!

The Next Chapter

So, after you graduate high school, what is your next adventure? The next session I recommend is a next chapter mini. This could be with your college letters, featuring the mascot and school colors. If college isn’t your next step, we will celebrate that too! Maybe joining the military or starting a career. This mini session is to showcase the next chapter in your life, the important adult first steps.

Cap & Gown

Cap and gowns are usually delivered around late April to early May. We will meet up and get some pictures of you in your cap and gown. This is the time when moms cry. It’s that moment when it all sinks in that you are about to graduate from high school and start your own life, apart from your family. This is an hour session and includes achievements and portraits in your cap and gown.


It’s the most anticipated dance of the year! You have selected the perfect dress or have been fitted for just the right tux. You have planned who you are going with, how you will get there and where you will eat dinner. It’s a big deal and a lot of fun! Prom sessions are a great way to round out your senior year experiences with me. Prom sessions are usually 45 minutes to an hour, because let’s face it, you would rather be hanging with friends and dancing! My seniors love this portion of their senior memory books the best. It showcases you and your best friends before you all depart on your separate journeys.

Featured 2021 Senior

Here is our featured senior, Megan. We met four times during her senior year. Take a look and let me know what you think! I would love to hear what images you are most looking forward to from your senior year.

The images above are just a very small example of what Megan and her family received. I have had a blast getting to know her and her family throughout her senior year. We worked to create a cohesive look throughout all our sessions so her end of year photo book would look amazing.

If you are in your junior year and would like to start planning your senior year photography, I would love to chat! You can reach out to me here and we will meet up for a frappe or a Cook Out cheeseburger!

For a free copy of my senior magazine, including a full pricing guide, reach out here.

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I have put together a senior photography mood board here & here on Pinterest!

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