A note to all 2020 seniors

Graduating in Quarantine | 2020 Seniors

So far this year has proven to be a challenge for everyone but my heart goes out to all the 2020 seniors. They have worked so hard academically and within their extracurricular activities only to miss out on all the pomp and circumstance.

The things that we all need to remember are that despite the losses, you did it! You worked 13 years for this moment and you deserve to celebrate your accomplishments. The celebrations will look different from what you anxiously looked forward to, but you still need to be celebrated!

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So prom was a bust for most, but why not still get into that dress, do your hair and makeup and spend some time in front of a camera? Even though you can’t go out to eat or dance with your high school friends, you should still get all dressed up and document it!

Have your prom anyway!

Trade in the reservations for take out from your favorite place, have a virtual dance party in your living room with friends. You are a generation of innovation and technology, the sky is the limit!

These guys did!!

You paved the way for underclassmen!

Sports banquets are now cancelled. That’s a bummer, trust me I know and feel your disappointment. I have witnessed the incredible camaraderie and gratefulness first hand from these and nothing compares. This I am sad for most of all, 2020 seniors. I do however believe that you all will find a way, with your amazing coaches, to show each other how much your four year team commitments made an impact not just on your life but on your schools legacy!

As underclassmen take up the spots you left behind and continue to build on the programs you worked so hard to grow these past four years, you did that. Your team depended on you and you gave your all. Your coached believed in you and you didn’t disappoint!

quarantined senior 2020
east forsyth

Let’s keep in mind that what you have accomplished these last four years for your alma mater is greater than any end of year celebration. You can look forward knowing that you have paved the way for future seniors to succeed. You do deserve to be celebrated! It may not be at a banquet hall or in a traditional setting, but you should show the world how proud you are of your achievements and let it shine!!

Check out this senior session!

Here is a 2020 senior session I did for an amazing athlete who is moving on to play in college. She decided to take the lemons of her senior year and make many memories with it.

salem college
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You did it! You are worth celebrating!!

I don’t know what your graduation ceremony is going to look like. And I can’t imagine what it must be like to not be able to walk across the stage as your name is called while your family cheers in the background. This is one of those “I did it!” moments, as your heart is pounding and you are so excited and proud to be a graduate.

For your sake I hope that your school is working very hard to ensure that you receive your diploma in a safe and exciting way. Maybe once the COVID-19 dust settles there will be some sort of celebration for you. But either way, this is also a memory that needs documenting!

2020 senior graduate
2020 senior

As I wrap this post up it is becoming clear to me that I need to offer you a way to document this amazing journey, even with it’s many challenges.

2020 seniors, let’s think…

I have a few questions for you….

  • Do you have your cap & gown?
  • Did you get a prom dress or tux that you can’t wait to wear?
  • Do you have a recital outfit or sports jersey?
  • Do you have a tee shirt or hoodie from the college you’re attending in the fall?
  • Are you proud of yourself and feel like you deserve to be celebrated for all your achievements?
  • Would you want a personalized book commemorating your amazing accomplishments and hard work?

If you answered “yes” to at least three of these, you and your family need to invest in preserving these moments. In ten or twenty years when you look back at this year, and I hope that you can look at it as a crazy end to an amazing journey. I hope that you can preserve the moments in a beautifully documented way for your future. And who knows, your (future) kiddos would love to see your pictures when you are telling them all the crazy stories from the quarantine of 2020!

salem college bound
signed salem college

My sessions are tailored to you and your personality. As a senior you have the whole world ahead of you, who knows what is in store for your next adventure! This is an exciting time for you, you deserve to celebrate it!

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