Bloch Senior & Family Session

Senior & Family Session in Old Salem, NC

senior and family session

So, I’m a tad obsessed with American history, my recent binge listening to Hamilton isn’t helping! haha!! So when we decided to go the Old Salem for this family session, I was super excited! Here’s a quick history lesson (because I can’t help myself). Old Salem is one of the founding towns for our area. Before Winston-Salem was a thing, there was just Salem, North Carolina.

It was settled in 1753 by German immigrants and became one of the first Moravian communities in America. Most of the original buildings still stand and continue to be revitalized. Old Salem has many events through out the year that include period actors and hands on activities for children. We enjoy the holiday tradition of the Moravian tea and service at Christmas time.

For more information or to plan a visit, check out the Old Salem website.

old salem nc
old salem nc

Ok, so why did this family choose this area? Well, Abbey will be attending Salem College in the fall! Salem College is nestled in the heart of Old Salem and uses a lot of the historic buildings for housing, classrooms and staff offices. But the residential side streets are some of the best backdrops for amazing portraits and the light was spot on!!

senior session
class of 2020
salem college

After all the cap and gown fun we took a walk down to a beautiful side street. This area is full of them, so it was difficult to choose just one! But, I love how the sun illuminated this family and the images I got had me literally squealing at the back of my camera! This impromptu family session was amazing!

old salem senior session
senior session
family session
old salem NC
senior session
family session
family session
family session
family session
family and senior session

If you want to get some amazing portraits like this family session and are kind of a history nerd like me, Old Salem is a great place!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    So so adorable!

  2. Rachel Rumple says:

    I love all the details and how you told a story with these images. I also love that the family was included in this session. What beautiful, warm, glowy images. Just stunning!

  3. Nailed it! That glowy light on the streets and sidewalks is amazing. Great job!

  4. Justine says:

    Beautiful family and photos! These will be treasured for generations!

  5. Jommy says:

    Such a happy family! Her smile is super cute! And the location, light are amazing

  6. Lauren says:

    Such a sweet session! The lighting is so glowy and beautiful! Wonderful job!

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